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Nikto Cultists Plague Sisar Run

DNALVEC, SRILUUR – The Bureau of Ships and Services has announced an advisory for travelers near the Sisar Run area of the Periphery, due to increased acts of violence from the Nikto Cult of M’dweshuu.
The violent “blood cult” of Nikto followers have found their way off their homeworld of Kintan, and are in the midst of a campaign of scattered violence up and down the Sisar Run. The Cult – believed to be under 100 individuals — has killed 27 travelers in occult mutilations, the latest last week at Nwarcol Point. Full Story >>

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The Stark Veteran Assembly has publicly criticized Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala for statements attributed to her during a Peace Rally on Commenor. Full Story >>

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Nikto Cultists Plague Sisar Run
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