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Type: Holowan Laboratories IG-86 Sentinel Droid
Degree: Fourth Degree
Class: Assassin Droid
Sensor Color: Red
Plating Color: Gray
Gender: Masculine programming
Personality Module: Advanced
Status: Destroyed

Blaster: 6D
Dodge: 5D+2
Energy Weapons: Sonic Stunner 5D+1
Flamethrower 5D+1
Grenade: 5D
Missile Weapons: 5D+1

Alien Species: 4D+2
Intimidation: 7D
Languages: 3D+1
Planetary Systems: 3D
Streetwise: 3D+1
Survival: 4D

Astrogation: 4D
Space Transports: 4D+2

Command: 3D+2
Search: 3D
Search: Tracking 7D
Sneak: 4D

Lifting: 6D

Computer Programming/Repair: 3D+2
Demolitions: 3D+2
Droid Programming: 3D+2
Droid Repair: 3D+2
First Aid: 3D
Security: 4D
Space Transports Repair: 3D

Equipped With:

• Humanoid body (two arms,two legs, head)
• Broad-band antenna (can intercept and decode most communications on standard frequencies)
• Flamethrower (3D damage,range 10 meters, flame does 3D damage each round until extinguished)
• Long-range sensor (+2D to search for objects 50-750 meters away)
• Movement sensor (+2D to search for moving objects up to 400 meters away)
• Sonic stunner (4D stun, range 10 meters)
• Grenade launcher (5D)

Special Abilities:

Equipment: Blaster rifle (5D)

Move: 10
Height: 2 Meters Tall
Cost: 16,000 credits
Availability: 4,X

Background: HELIOS-3D was an IG-86 sentinel droid who operated with the bounty hunter Cad Bane.

HELIOS-3D served as a member of the Duro Bounty hunter Cad Bane’s team when they went to liberate the captive Ziro from Galactic Republic imprisonment. HELIOS-3D had the role of driving a getaway Speeder once Ziro was freed, as part of a prisoner exchange deal engineered by Bane using one of the senators he had taken hostage, the representative of Ryloth, Orn Free Taa. Once Ziro was free, HELIOS-3D took him to the planned rendezvous at the Senate Building, a report that Ziro disliked, wanting to be taken away to the Outer Rim Territories instead.

Despite Ziro’s disagreement, HELIOS-3D met back up with the rest of Bane’s team, and with their mission complete, they all escaped.

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