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Gorvin snu

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Type: Desert Lizard
Planet of Origin: Arvala-7

Search 1D+2
Sneak 3D+1

Climb 3D+1

Special Abilities:

Move: 4
Size: 30 cm

Background: Gorvin snu were small, about the size of a human foot. Lizard-like beings, they had no hair, instead being covered in an orange scaly skin. Their heads featured brown eyes and a snout-like mouth, with pointed spines protruding from the back of the head and proceeding down along the abdomen. The small beings could be found within the canyons and deserts of the planet Arvala-7.

Gorvin snu were often found in groups, scampering across the sandy surface of Arvala-7. The quick-moving creatures were skittish beings, often running away when approached by other lifeforms. Despite their jittery nature, they were known to display signs of curiosity, tailing after beings they were unfamiliar with and watching them from a distance with their bobbing heads.

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