Eyes of the Force

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Force Power: Eyes of the Force

Sense Difficulty: Moderate: A Jedi can successfully see what another in close proximity is viewing.

Difficult: The Jedi can successfully view what another is seeing and sense their surface thoughts.

Required Powers: Receptive Telepathy

Effect: The Jedi can sense images and surface thoughts based on what another is viewing.

Background: Eyes of the Force was a regimen that trained a Force-sensitive to sense images that can’t be normally seen by reading the surface thoughts of others. Jedi would use this regimen to test where a Youngling skills were at. An assistant held a two-dimensional image viewer so the user can’t see the images being displayed on the screen. As the image viewer cycled through different images of common objects, the prospective trainee must read the surface thoughts of the assistant to determine what images were being displayed on the screen at the time. Mace Windu used this method to test a young Anakin Skywalker when he was brought to the Jedi Temple in 32 BBY.

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