Control Difficulty: Easy if the Jedi is relaxed and at peace; Difficult if the Jedi is filled with aggression, fear, or other negative emotions; Very Difficult if the Jedi is acting on the negative emotions.

Effect: When using this power, Jedi clear all negative thoughts from their minds, feeling the Force flowing through the universe and their
own being.

The individual Jedi concentrates on one specific task at hand. If the skill roll is successful, the Jedi may add +4D to any one action in that round. The Jedi may do nothing other than using the concentration power and using that one skill for a single action. The Jedi receives no bonus if anything else is done in that round, including duplicate uses of the same skill or dodges or parries.

This power may be used in conjunction with Force Points and Character Points. This power is only in effect for one round and may not be
kept up.

Background: Concentration was a Control-based Force power. Jedi employing Concentration focused on one specific task, clearing their mind of all negative thoughts, and felt the Force flow through themselves and the universe. If successful, the task attempted by the Jedi had a better chance of succeeding. However, if the Jedi attempted to do anything else while using this power, the attempt failed. Luke Skywalker used this Force power to steady himself to make the vital shot that destroyed the first Death Star. Jedi that were relaxed and at peace with themselves found entering into a state of Concentration easy; those filled with fear and aggression found it harder and those acting out of negative emotions found it very difficult.

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