Castle Serenno

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Name: Castle Serenno
Planet: Serenno
Starport Type: None
Traffic: Low
Control: Local Law Enforcement
Docking Areas: 10 Hangers
Docking Fee: N/A
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: N/A
Services: Repair, Fuel, Food, Drink, Lodging, Local Bounties
Population: 1500
Points of Interest:  Dooku’s great hall, Dooku’s sleeping chamber, Dooku’s prison
Defense: Shield Generator (3D), Quad Laser Turrets (4D Speeder Scale), Battle Droids

Background: Located on the planet Serenno, Castle Serenno stood on its own grounds at the edge of a large cliff and was complemented by three ornamental gardens, each of which lay at the front of the palace. Those visiting the estate would walk down a long pathway situated in between the gardens to the front of the palace, where they were greeted by the 120-meter-high main tower where Count Dooku conducted most of his business. Ten relay buildings flanked the main tower, which featured a 22-meter-high stained glass window that looked out to a vast city in the valley below, while other buildings and defense outposts clung onto the cliff face. In front of the palace’s main entrance was a double line of obelisks. By the time of the Clone Wars, the palace and the surrounding estate was protected by legions of Separatist battle droids.

The inside the palace reflected Dooku’s refined tastes. Luxuriously fitted, the finest furnishings and décor graced the palace’s corridors. Artworks from across the galaxy adorned its walls, while statues from ages past looked silently on. However, the palace’s lavishness on display for visiting dignitaries hid the cells and torture chambers located deep within the cliff face, in the levels where Dooku would conduct interrogations and executions. During the war, Castle Serenno served as not only the headquarters for House Serenno, but as a fortress for one of the Separatist’s most prominent figures.

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