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Body Glove

Model: Kamperdine Clothing Specialists CSC-5000
Type: Luxury temperature control suit
Cost: 700
Availability: 3

Game Notes: Upper torso to foot coverage. Normal wear adds +1 to any subsequent survival or stamina rolls in harsh environmental conditions.

Background: A body glove was a full-body, form-fitting garment. Many types of armor, including the type worn by Imperial stormtroopers, included an insulated, and sometimes airtight, body glove underneath the armor plating. Some body gloves had self cleaning properties. Larin wore a body glove that was self-cleaning during the rise of the Sith Empire but felt nothing was better than a good old fashioned cleaning. Military and paramilitary combat groups, such as the Firebird Society, wore body gloves, as the garments allowed much freedom of motion. Additionally, body gloves were worn as clothing in and of themselves, such as the Szona body glove worn by dancers such as Rystáll Sant.

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