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Species: Paerimbannian
Home Planet: Paerimbann

Attribute Dice: 10D

Special Abilities:
Amphibious: Paerimbannians are freshwater amphibians and breath equally well in and out of water. Retractable webbing on their hands and feet adds to their swimming rate. They gain an additional +1D to the following skills while underwater: brawling parry, dodge, survival, search, and brawling.

Move: 8/10 (land), 14/16 (swimming)
Size: 1.2-2 meters tall

Background: Paerimbannians were a sentient species of amphibian humanoids with brown skin and a long bulging neck. They were bipedal, and had eyes with black pupils and irises that were mottled with black and grey. Their eyes also included a light green band around the irises, and sclera which was mottled with two shades of purple. They had deep voices, no hair, and a small, indented nose.

Many members of the species were senators in the Separatist Senate at the time of the Clone Wars. One such individual was Punn Rimbaud, a female member of the species. When the senator for Onderon, Mina Bonteri, attempted to convince the senate to begin peace negotiations with the Republic, Rimbaud was opposed to starting any such negotiations. The matter was cast to a vote by the Separatist leader Count Dooku, and despite Rimbaud voting “nay” the overall vote was in favor of starting the peace talks.

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