Opee Sea Killer

Species: Opee Sea Killer
Planet of Origin: Naboo

Tongue Attack: 3D+1

Hide: 5D+2

Swimming 9D

Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +3D damage.
Low Light Vision: An opee sea killer can see twice as far as a human in dim light.
Tongue Attack: A target hit by the opee sea killer’s tongue can attempt to break free by making a Heroic difficulty Strength/Hull roll, modified by the scale of the target. Failure indicates that the sea killer draws the prey into its mouth and bites on the following turn.

Move: 63; 180 km/h
Size: 20 meters long

Background: The opee sea killer, sometimes referred to as simply an opee, was a large meat-eating crustaceous sea creature of approximately twenty meters in length; a hybrid of crustacean and fish, that inhabited the watery planet core of Naboo. It was the third largest predator on Naboo, only smaller than the colo claw fish and the even larger Sando aqua monster, which both prey on it. Its also the largest creature on the planet to have a prehensile tongue. Another predatory enemy of it is the Titavian.

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