Nightbrother Village

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Name: Nightbrother Village
Planet: Dathomir
Starport Type: Landing field
Traffic: Low
Control: Nightbrothers
Docking Areas: None
Docking Fee: None
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: None
Services: Limited
Population: 500
Points of Interest: Maul’s house, Nightbrother arena, Unidentified Nightbrother warehouse

Background: The Nightbrother village was a village where the Dathomirian Zabrak warrior group, the Nightbrothers lived and trained on their homeworld of Dathomir.

In 20 BBY, Count Dooku traveled to Dathomir to find a new Sith apprentice, and was recommended by Mother Talzin to choose a Nightbrother. However, unknown to Dooku, Talzin assigned Dooku’s former apprentice Asajj Ventress to travel to the village and select an apprentice that they could later use to sabotage Dooku. Ventress communed with Brother Viscus, the leader of the Nightbrothers, and then led the candidates through a series of tests to determine their new servant. Ventress selected Savage Opress, who left the village and was enhanced by magick and transformed into Dooku’s new apprentice.

Before 19 BBY, the Nightbrothers Ruul and Mak Eak, attempted to steal from a warehouse-like building in the village. In 19 BBY, the village was destroyed in the Second Battle of Dathomir. The remaining Nightbrothers moved to another village.

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