New Info on Ubisoft´s Star Wars game, Site Updates, and the High Republic Community Build

We got an update on Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars video game today. According to the Ubisoft conference call the Star Wars project is slated to begin after the release of their Avatar game, which is scheduled to release in 2022. The game engine to be used is the Snowdrop Engine has was developed for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. That puts the game on track for a 2023 release date. I’ll post more as news becomes available.

Site wise we have added several Starfighter, Space Transports, and both Death Star’s D6 stats to the site. While some follow the standard West End Game stats, I have updated a few stats to reflect changes made in the series since they were first posted in the ’90s. For example, in Rogue One is was shown that the Death Star can control the level of power of the Superlaser. Prior to this it was assumed it only had one lever of power, maximum. I created a few stat changes to allow for power levels to be placed at quarter power levels.

Finally we are doing a community build project over on the Reddit r/StarWarsD6 subreddit for the characters and vehicles of Star Wars The High Republic. If you are interested in helping please visit and contribute. As of now we don’t have a lot of information on all the new characters but you can help build out stats and character backgrounds for use in your future campaigns.

That is all for this week, as always May The Force Be With You! See you next week.


PT White

I've been involved in creating content for Star Wars The Role Playing Game since 1992 and consider myself a Star Wars Super Fan and knowledge bank for the Star Wars Universe.

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