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Nar Shaddaa

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Name: Nar Shaddaa
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere: None
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Modern – Barren, Vongformed & Scattered glimmering urban zones
Length of Day: 87 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 413 Local Days
Sapient Species: Gank, Hutt, T’landa Til, Human, Colicoid, Vippit, Evocii, Yuuzhan Vong & Many Others
Starport: Imperial
Points of Interest: The Burning Deck, The Slag Pit, Meltdown Café, Orange Lady, Rimmer’s Rest, Sith Academy, Refugee Sector, Jekk’Jekk Tarr Cantina, TIE Fighter Construction Facility, Undercity & Promenade
Population: 85 billion – 79% Various species, 20% Human & 1% Other
Planet Function: Crime World
Government: Organized crime
Major Cities: New Vertica, Ko Hentota, Duros Sector, Corellian Sector, Refugee Sector & Red Sector
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes: Shag Pabol
Major Exports: Tourism & Contraband goods
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, high tech & luxury goods

System Data
Region: Mid-Rim
Sector: Hutt Space
System: Y’Toub system
Star Name: Y’Toub
Star Type: Orange

Background: Nal Hutta, also known simply as Hutta, was a hot, swampy planet located in the galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Hutt species. The planet was a haven for the criminal elements of the galaxy, located far from galactic authorities. Due to the effects of the Drengir crisis, its terrain was covered with numerous bogs, and its climate often consisted of greasy rains.

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