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Microbiology Scanner

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Model: BioTech Microbiology Scanner
Type: Scanner
Cost: 1500
Skill: Medicine: Biology
Availability: 1
Game Notes: Tool used by scientistic technicians to detect microorganisms such as midichlorians in biological planet life. The equipment comes with several devices: a hand scanner wand with a deep soil sensor attachment, a top soils scan disc, a scanner box, and a datapad.

Background: A BioTech Microbiology Scanner was a series of tools used to detect microorganisms within various plant life. In 148 BBY a Jedi Exploration team made up of Jedi Master Indara, Jedi Knight Sol, Jedi Knight Kelnacca, and Jedi Padawan Torbin used these devices to search the plant life of Brendok for large concentrations of midichlorians that would indicate the unexplained resurgence of life on the once dead planet.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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