Mastif Phalone

Species: Mastif Phalone
Type: Flightless avian predator
Planet of Origin: Maridun


Search: 4D+1
Sneak: 5D+1


Special Abilities:
Claws: Do STR+1 damage.
Beak: Does STR+1D damage.
Low-light Vision: Low-lighting penalties are reduced by 1D.
Savage Frenzy: If the mastiff phalone is Wounded or worse, it gains a +1D bonus on all attack and damage rolls.
Savannah Hunter: The mastiff phalone gains a +1D sneak bonus when stalking inside the grasslands of the savannah.

Move: 12
Size: About 2 meters tall

Background: A vicious, predatory creature native to Maridun, the mastif phalone is a flightless avian that is nearly as large as a landspeeder and impossible to domesticate. Mastif phalones are stalkers that hide in the tall grass of the plains of Maridun, sneaking up on their prey befure pouncing. The Amanin of Maridun frequently capture mastif phalones and imprison them, starving them and mistreatlng them while in captivity. Once the mastif phalone is sufficiently crazed, the Amanin release the creature in or near enemy encampments, where it goes berserk, attacking anything it sees. When sufficiently agitated, a mastif phalone can be more dangerous than a rancor and just as hard to bring down.

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