Mandalorian Ultimate Visual Guide Delayed?

In a tweet book publisher DK Books announced that the Summer 2021 release date for The Mandalorian Ultimate Visual Guide will no longer be published.

That is really bad news for fans who have been itching to get a deeper look into the lore that is occurring after the fall of the Empire. The question a lot of people have is to the why this project was canceled. There are of course the instant pointing to the firing of Cara Dune actress Gina Carano after she continued to post hateful content online in line with her political views. Although it wasn’t a surprise that she was released, I don’t believe that is the issue here. Her character arc on The Mandalorian was over and she was going to appear in one of the other upcoming shows, likely Rangers of the New Republic. What I believe happened was that Disney was not prepared for The Mandalorian and Star Wars to become popular after several poor films in the franchise. It appears that The Mandalorian plan may have changed and that Lucasfilm and Disney realized just how much great content there was to offer. That is why we are getting so many Star Wars related shows coming to Disney+. It is a bummer that we won’t get the Visual Guide as it offers so much great background on characters and events in Star Wars for people like me.

Until we do get a good reference book on The Mandalorian you can check out SWRPGGM’s The Mandalorian Source Guide for character stats based on the series and the most up to date character information.

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