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Species: Mairan
Type: Semi-sentient Creature
Planet of Origin: Maires


Special Abilities:
Mind Control: Mairans can uniquely manipulate the memories of other creatures they come in contact with. To use this ability, the Mairan must maintain uninterrupted contact with the target for at least half an hour, enveloping the target’s head with their tentacles. The Mairan must then make a Perception test against the target’s Willpower or Control. If successful, the Mairan can either Read or Erase Memories. To Alter Memories, the Mairan must maintain contact for another half an hour and pass a second Perception vs Willpower test. It’s worth noting that a target who has this ability used on them will suffer some mental trauma and will be aware that they have been probed. If the Mairan succeeded by doubling the target’s Willpower test, the target may suffer from longer-term mental effects that require medical treatment. Finally, it’s important to mention that skilled handlers can direct this ability.

Move: 4
Size: 1.1m
Orneriness: 2D+2

Background: Mairan, also called Bors, were a semi-sentient multi-tentacled multipod species native to Maires. They had the unique ability to read minds, and as a result, they were often used as a form of torture by the Galactic Empire and the Partisans.

Appearances: Rogue One

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