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Name: Jerec
Type: Mandalore Deputy Minister
Species: Mandalorian
Homeworld: Mandalore
Gender: Male
Died: 22 BBY (978 GC)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin: Light

Blaster: 4D+1
Brawling Parry: 4D+2
Dodge: 4D
Grenade: 3D
Melee Combat: 4D+1
Melee Parry: 4D+1

Alien Species: 4D+2
Bureaucracy: 4D+2
Cultures: 3D+2
Economics: 4D
Languages: 3D+2
Planetary Systems: 4D
Scholar: Republic Politics 6D+2
Value: 4D+1

Astrogation: 3D
Beast Riding: 3D+1
Communications: 3D
Repulsorlift Operation: 3D
Swoop Operation: 3D

Bargain: 5D
Command: 4D+1
Con: 4D
Investigation: 4D
Persuasion: 5D

Brawling: 4D
Stamina: 3D

First Aid: 3D
Security: 3D

Special Abilities:
Resistant to Force Use: Mandalorians and Mandalorian Foundlings are immune to some of the effects of the Force, and their minds cannot be read using the force, or modified using the force. However precognition abilities such as Light Saber Combat work perfectly well.
Inability to use the Force: The Mandalorians have a genetic defect inherited from their ancestors and compounded by the small genepool that they have grown from. They cannot use the force. Not only does this mean that they cannot become Jedi, they cannot earn or spend Force Points (they will always have only one Force Point).
Genetically Superior: Due to the harsh circumstances the Mandalorian people grew from, they are a much hardier people than most species in the galaxy. While the Mandalorians like to see this as Genetic Superiority, it is perhaps more linked to their inability to use the force, so they have had to rely on themselves more.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 12
Move: 10

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (3D+2), Comlink, Robes, Comlink

Background:¬†Jerec was a Human male Mandalorian, and a member of the peaceful New Mandalorian faction for which he served as a Deputy Minister in their government. A friend of the New Mandalorian’s leader, Duchess Satine Kryze, Jerec supported her methods for dealing with the resurgent Mandalorian radicals known as the Death Watch. It would be the Death Watch who was responsible for Jerec’s death, when he fell victim to a bombing perpetrated by the Death Watch while on Kalevala. A holorecording of a speech that he made supporting Duchess Kryze was altered by an individual within the Galactic Republic’s government, and the faked testimonial was shown to the Galactic Senate with the intent of manipulating the Senate to vote on sending Republic troops to occupy Mandalore. The true recording, in which Jerec reveals that Republic assistance would only throw public support to Death Watch, was eventually uncovered by an agent of the Republic’s Republic Ministry of Intelligence and broadcast before the Senate. Upon seeing the truth, the senators rescinded their votes in favor of Republic occupation of Mandalore, allowing the Mandalorian homeworld to remain neutral in the Clone Wars.

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