Interdictor Cruiser

Craft: Sienar Fleet Systems’ Immobilizer 418
Type: Interdictor-class heavy cruiser
Scale: Capital
Length: 600 meters
Skill: Capital ship piloting: Interdictor Cruiser
Crew: 2,783, gunners: 24, skeleton: 1,500/+10
Crew Skill: Astrogation 5D, capital ship gunnery 5D, capital ship piloting 5D, capital ship shields 4D
Passengers: 80 (troops)
Cargo Capacity: 5,500 metric tons
Consumables: 1.2 years
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
Hyperdrive Backup: x8
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 6
Hull: 5D
Shields: 3D

Passive: 30/1D
Scan: 75/2D
Search: 150/3D
Focus: 5/4D

20 Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: 10 front, 5 left, 5 right
Crew: 1
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 2-6/24/50 km
Damage: 4D

4 Gravity Well Projector
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 6D
Space Range: 1-5/75/150
Damage: Blocks hyperspace travel

Starfighter Complement: 2 squadrons

Background: The Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Interdictor-class heavy cruiser, was an Interdictor vessel and Star Destroyer used by the Galactic Empire that was capable of emitting an interdiction field to pull passing ships out of hyperspace or prevent them from going to lightspeed. Despite being a relatively rare sight in the Imperial Navy, it was considered a dangerous design by rebel groups that relied on hit-and-run tactics. It was used against the rebellion around 4 BBY, and several featured as part of the Seventh Fleet.

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