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High fortress of the Pyke Syndicate

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Name: High fortress of the Pyke Syndicate
Planet: Oba Diah
Starport Type: Space
Traffic: Low
Control: Pyke Syndicate
Docking Areas: Tower Platforms, Docking Bays
Docking Fee: N/A
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: N/A
Services: Full Service
Population: 500
Points of Interest:  —
Defense: Shield Generator (3D), Quad Laser Turrets (4D Speeder Scale)

Background: The high fortress of the Pyke Syndicate, also known as the Pyke Palace, was the base of operations of the Pyke Syndicate. The fortress was made out of obsidian and was located on Oba Diah. Between 3 ABY and 4 ABY, as part of her plans to destabilize the criminal underworld, Crimson Dawn leader Lady Qi’ra sent one of her advisors, Margo, to the stronghold to speak with the Pyke Syndicate. Margo falsely informed the Pykes that the Galactic Empire was reconsidering their partnership with the Hutt Clan after the Hutt Council attacked them at Jekara, and suggested that they make a move to become the Empire’s new partner.

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