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Species: Dragonsnake
Type: Underwater predator
Planet of Origin: Dagobah

Special Abilities:
Bite: Does STR+2D damage. If dragonsnake attack roll is double a target’s parry or swimming attempt, target is swallowed whole. If swallowed, target receives STR damage, and target must inflict non-stun damage to be spit out.
Razor-sharp Fins: Do STR+3D damage.
Constrictor Coils: if dragonsnake connects with a Moderate brawling attack, target is ensnared. Target receives STR damage each round until free. Target must incapacitate dragonsnake to break free.

Move: 5 (swim)
Size: Up to 4 meters long

Background: Living in the murky waters of swamp-covered planets such as Dagobah and Nal Hutta, the dragonsnakes were large serpent like beasts with sharp fangs. Although voracious, they were incapable of digesting metal.

Dragonsnakes were believed to be predatory animals, living off the flesh of other creatures, but were in fact intelligent creatures and some were even friendly who enjoyed helping others. They hid under the muddy water and amongst gnarltree roots, waiting for their next meal to come close enough. After snatching its prey, a dragonsnake would then dive back under the water. They were amongst the most fearsome reptiles and were considered untamable.

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