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Dinosaur Turtle

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Species: Dinosaur Turtle
Type: Colossal Reptile
Planet of Origin:

Special Abilities:
Claws: Do STR damage
Armored Shell: The Dinosaur Turtle an shells are extremely hard and durable and get +5D to resist all physical and energy attacks below starfighter scale.
Thick Hide: The Dinosaur Turtle has thick hide provides it with a +2D bonus to Strength rolls made to resist damage.
Jaws: Dinosaur Turtle have very powerful jaws that cause STR+1D damage.
Heightened Smell: Dinosaur Turtle sense the presence of other creatures primarily through a heightened sense of smell (+1D to any search rolls).
Tail: Does STR+1D damage.

Move: 14
Size: 100 meters long
Scale: Walker

Background: Dinosaur turtle was a giant non-sentient reptilian creature. The creature was known to be aggressive. It attacked and ate a few of the Mandalorians, until Din Djarin arrived in his N-1 starfighter and fired torpedoes into the creature’s side, killing it.

The dinosaur turtle was quadrupedal and had a long tail. Its skin was all but impervious to blaster fire. Its shell was also strong against the explosion of thermal detonator. It dwelled underwater but could also operate on land.

Appearances: The Mandalorian

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