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Name: Crasher
Type: Clone Sergeant
Species: Human (Clone)
Homeworld: Kamino
Gender: Male
Born: 32 BBY (968 GC)
Died: —
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 78 kg
Skin: Tan

Blaster: 6D+2
Brawling Parry: 6D
Dodge: 5D+2
Grenade: 5D
Melee Combat: 5D+1
Melee Parry: 5D+1
Missile Weapon: 3D+2

Alien Species: 3D+2
Bureaucracy: 3D+2
Law Enforcement: 4D
Streetwise: 3D+1
Survival: 3D+1
Tactics: 4D
Value: 4D

Repulsorlift Operation: 4D

Command: 4D+2
Hide: 3D
Investigation: 3D+2
Search: 4D+1
Sneak: 3D+2

Brawling: 5D+2
Climbing/Jumping: 3D+2
Stamina: 4D+1

Armor Repair: 3D
Blaster Repair: 3D+2
Demolitions: 5D+2

Special Abilities:
Military Training: All Clones go through intensive military training throughout their formative years.

Obedient: Clones are conditioned to obey their superiors’ orders without question, loyally follow the the chain of command.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 12
Move: 10

Equipment: DC-17 blaster pistol (3D+2), DC-15S blaster rifle (5D), clone trooper armor (+2D Physical, +1D Energy, -1D Dexterity, -1 Move)

Background: “Crasher” was the nickname of a clone trooper sergeant who oversaw the clone cadets of the Clone Youth Brigade during the Clone Wars.

Around 21 BBY, Boba Fett infiltrated the Clone Youth Brigade in order to get close to Mace Windu so he could get his revenge. The group which he infiltrated was overseen by Crasher. When Boba sabotaged the Endurance, Kilian ordered Crasher and the cadets flee the doomed vessel in escape pods. He later informed Anakin Skywalker that one of the cadets’ pods had been unaccounted for and so Skywalker and Windu searched for it and finally found it, with the cadets all safe and alive.

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