Breath Control

Force Power: Breath Control
Control Difficulty: Moderate if at ease or rest, Difficult if in motion, Very Difficult if performing strenuous activities.
Required Powers: Concentration, Hibernation Trance.
Effect: The Jedi can numb their body’s instinct to shut down from oxygen deprivation, allowing them to hold their breath for prolonged periods of time by using the Force to reserve the air that’s in the lungs. The Jedi can also use this to survive while underwater, where the air is thin, or in a room of poisonous gas. This power can also allow a Jedi to survive in the vacuum of space for a very brief time. Upon a successful control roll, the Jedi can hold his or her breath for a number of rounds that’s determined by the control roll before the Jedi needs to make a stamina roll in order to continue holding his or her breath.

0-51 round
6-102 rounds
11-153 rounds
16-204 rounds
21-255 rounds
26+6 rounds

Note: This power is for Jedi who require oxygen to breathe, but there’s nothing to say that different versions of this power don’t exist.

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