Species: Baragwin
Home World: Old Barag

Attribute Dice: 11D+1

Special Abilities:
Smell: Baragwin have a remarkable sense of smell and get a +1D to scent-based search and +1D to Perception checks to determine the moods of others within five meters.
Weapons Knowledge: Because of their great technical aptitude, Baragwin get an extra 1D at the time of character creation only which must be placed in blaster repair, capital starship weapon repair, firearms repair, melee weapon repair, starship weapon repair or an equivalent weapon repair skill.
Armor: Baragwins’ dense skin provides +1D protection against physical attacks only.

Move: 7/9
Size: 1.5-2.2 meters tall

Background: Baragwin were a species of sentient reptilians native to the lost world Old Barag. One of the earliest spacefaring races, the Baragwin could be found across the galaxy.

A hunchbacked species of sentient reptilians, the bipedal Baragwin were easily recognized across the galaxy. Noted for their thick, wrinkled skin which could resist most physical attacks and their shuffling gait, the large-headed race had no obvious differences between male and female Baragwin. An acute sense of smell gave the species enough sensitivity to detect another being’s mood and feelings. This led some of them into careers as big-game hunters, or even as bounty hunters. Due to their ponderous movement, many non-Baragwin believed the race to be a dull-witted people while, in fact, they were quite intelligent. Despite this fact, the Baragwin frequently kept this intelligence hidden, using the misconceptions of others to their own advantage.

Baragwin culture, since it did not derive from a single homeworld, was highly dependent on a Baragwin’s planet of origin, with Tatooinian Baragwin behaving quite differently from those from Denuhi-Eight. Baragwin generally had little prejudice, treating all other beings equally regardless of species, culture, or planetary origins; though criminal Baragwin would exploit all beings equally instead. Baragwin settlements were generally small and anarchic, with short-term leaders selected by informal democratic processes.

Most Baragwin had a first and a second name. Common names included Dagel Igara, Digo Fadani, and Idalli Kodrue. Senator Wynl, who apparently had only one name, was one of the few known exceptions.

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