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Andor Trailer Breakdown

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Now that you have seen the Andor Trailer, let’s examine what we saw in it.

The first image we see is Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and a human female on the planet Fest which is in the Atrivis sector of the Outer Rim. During the Galactic Civil War, Fest served as an Alliance to Restore the Republic regional headquarters and operations sector. We are likely seeing the Empire’s efforts to root out the rebel cell.

We see a human male carrying what appears to be a KA74 blaster rifle to protect his Fest village from Imperial Forces. This is the same type of rifle Cobb Vanth used on The Mandalorian, though his had been modified.

A human female on a custom built Repulsorbike looks up to see a Imperial I Star Destroyer cruising overhead.

A young Cassian overlooks a Imperial quarry that is strip mining his home planet of Fest. It is likely that the Separatist / Rebel Cell his parents belonged to are assaulting an Imperial mining operation. Odds are strong this will be when Cassian loses his father.

Young Cassian looking down a mineshaft entrance tunnel.

Next we have the first ever shot of The Imperial Senate. Note the Imperial Symbol below the central platform. A newer version of the Senate Holocam droid can be seen flying past the camera.

We see the Anton Lessor as the ISB Deputy Director sitting at the head of a table.

An Imperial Army Vice Admiral (left) and a Imperial Navy Commodore (right) drinking while observing some operation.

Young Cassian in the mining tunnel comes across a body. Notice his footwear appears to home made implying his family is suffering hard times due to the Empire.

Young Cassian views the results of the Rebel raid.

Beardless Cassian in Imperial Army gear. Has he joined up or is he under cover? He is a master spy by the time of Rogue One so being undercover is likely.

We see Luthen Rael address Cassian. This is likely when he is recruited by the Rebel Alliance. I expect this to be several episodes into the series, perhaps Episode four or five.

Bearded Cassian lets us know this has been several years in the future for the character.

We see Phase 2 Clone Troopers, likely this is Fest and the crackdown on Separatist Worlds.

ISB 2nd Lt. Dedra Meero flanked by Death Troopers on the planet Ferrix.

Adria Arjona mystery character appears to be chased down by the Inspectors. We still don’t know who she is or what her character’s name is.

The scrap fields on Ferrix as what appear to be the remains of old Confederation ships are broken down by laborers. There appears to be walkers in the back ground.

Bearded Cassian on Ferrix.

Cassian roams through the scrap yard as a Walker can be seen in the background.

Luthen again making his pitch to Cassian.

It is unknown how long Cassian has been on Ferrix or how Luthen knew where to find him.

Luthen exiting his personal transport via ramp.

He appears to be walking toward a Speeder bike. He transport has hidden features that we see later in the trailer, though a forward facing laser canon can be seen on the wing tip.

Luthen tosses on a hooded cloak.

A Speederbike crosses some industrial fields, almost looks like lithium fields. Chances are strong this is Luthen traveling to see Cassian.

We see Benthic or Edrio “Two Tubes” overseeing security for The Partisans led by Saw Guerrera. Benthic carried that rifle in Solo a Star Wars Story. Edrio was last seen in Rogue One.

A warm welcome for Luthen at the Partisan Cell.

Saw and Luthen talking about the conflict to come.

Imperial Troopers on Ferrix as the laborers rebel. You can see Stormtroopers in the background.

Mobile Tac-Pod transports head to the surface of Ferrix. These are likely carrying the Inspectors.

Syril Karn, leader of the Inspectors, gives a stern look.

Cassian in a tunnel.

Inspector Sgt Linus Mosk

Inspectors offload on Ferrix.

Ferrix Laborers

We shift to the Coruscant storyline with Mon Mothma.

A Lambda-class shuttle lands on Ferrix next to a Zeta-class shuttle.

ISB 2nd Lt. Dedra Meero

2nd Lt. Dedra Meero overseeing a holomap of the Ferrix city center.

Cassian and Adria Arjona’s character


2nd Lt. Dedra Meero conducting an interrogation.

Adria Arjona looking a bit rough.

Luthen during his days as a Senator.

Luthan’s co-conspirator Kleya.

Luthan and Kleya greeting Mon Mothma, but what is that in the background? I spy a Mandalorian or at least Mandalorian armor.

Luthen taking his ship into combat.

Go Go hidden Laser Turret.

Looks kids, the Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser! Also a TIE Bomber and some TIE Fighters.

Mon Mothma’s airspeeder

Imperial Nobles at a party.

Hiding in plane sight.

One of the aspects that I look forward to are seeing the various sides of the Rebel Alliance.

Living in Luxury

Death Troopers on Ferrix hunting.

Cassian’s mother

The Andor’s droid B2EMO

Blast taking out the Inspectors

Kleya mentioning what a revolution looks like.

Beardless Cassian again.

Firing up a ship’s engines.

Underground train possible on Ferrix.

Cassian dodging blaster bolts

Bearded Cassian with what looks like a Bryar pistol. Fan of Dark Forces will be pleased.

Beardless Cassian again.

An assault on a Imperial controlled dam.

Cassian infiltrates this facility via the dam. Why are all the people not wearing shoes? This is likely located on Aldhani.

Lightly bearded Cassian smashes stuff.

A four armed doctor aiding a patient. What is this guy’s story?

Rioting again

A Stormtrooper opens fire on the Ferrix Laborers.

Cassian running across a bridge.

Another view of Fest?

The ship we saw starting it’s engines, is that a Mandalorian Dome City they are headed towards?

Looks like the Empire left keys in the ignition of a TIE Fighter.

Finally Cassian making a daring escape.

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