Saturday, July 13, 2024


Your blaster burst hits the droids main dome. Since your shot hit, you get to roll your blaster’s damage dice of 4D (listed under Cara’s “Equipment”) and compare that to the droids Strength of 4D (you’ll need to make this roll, but in the regular game the gamemaster will roll this). Roll 4 dice for your blaster’s damage and write down the total. Then roll 4 dice for the droids Strength. Subtract the droids roll from your damage roll.

• If the difference is 3 or lower, you’ve only nicked the droid. It turns and fires its own blaster at you: go to Part 11.

• If the difference is from 4-8, you’ve lightly damaged the droid. If it’s from 9-12, you’ve heavily damaged it. If the difference is from 13-15, you’ve severely damaged the droid. (These levels have different meanings in the game, but for now we’ll count them as equal.) Go to Part 12.

• If the difference is 16 or more, go to Part 13.