Saturday, July 20, 2024


The droids blaster shot hits you before you can get away — you’re going to take some damage. To find out how badly you’re hit, you’ll have to roll the probe droids blaster cannon damage of 4D+2. This will tell you how powerful the blast is. Roll 4 dice, add 2 and write down the total. Next, you’ll roll your own Strength to see how well you resist this damage. Cara’s Strength is 3D: roll 3 dice and write down the result. Now subtract your Strength total from the droids damage roll.

• If the difference is 3 or lower, you’ve only been momentarily stunned. Check off the box on your character sheet marked “Stunned.” You catch your breath and take a shot at the droid with your blaster: go to Part 2.

• If the difference is 4-8, you’ve been wounded with a nasty shot in the leg. Check off one of the boxes on your character sheet marked “Wounded.” You’ll still be on your feet after a moment of being stunned, but your injuries will affect all your other actions until you’re healed. Any time you make a skill roll, you subtract one die (−1D) from your dice score before you roll. Now you can take a shot at the droid with your blaster — but remember, you have a −1D penalty to all rolls: your blaster skill is now only 3D+2. Go to Part 2.

• If the difference is 9 or higher, you’ve been more seriously hurt. You slump to the forest floor, unconscious and uncertain of your fate… go to Part 10.