CR70 Corvette c20 Vanguard Retro Fit

The Vanguard c20 retrofit suite was meant to bring the CR70 corvette up to date technologically with the CR90 corvette. It enhanced the combat prowess of the Corellian corvette and ensured that the CR70 remained on par with the CR90. This modification essentially transformed the CR70 corvette into a CR90 model.

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Syluire-31 Hyperspace Ring

The Syliure-31 long-range hyperdrive module, alternatively spelled Syluire, was a hyperdrive docking ring that was produced by TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated in the years leading up to and during the Clone Wars. It was designed to offer hyperspace travel to starfighters that were too small to allow for an onboard hyperdrive.

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War of the Bounty Hunters Source Guide

AT WAR FOR THE GREATEST PRIZE OF ALL: HAN SOLO! THE HUNT BEGINS! Nobody. Steals. From BOBA FETT! The notorious bounty hunter will not stop until he gets what’s rightfully his. For the thief, no corner of the galaxy is safe. Good thing for them that the REBEL ALLIANCE, THE EMPIRE and every bounty hunter in the galaxy is standing in Boba’s way.

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The Clone Wars S01E03 Shadow of Malevolence

With the help of his Padawan Ahsoka and Jedi Master Plo Koon, Anakin utilizes new long-range Y-wing bombers to lead a bold strike on General Grievous’ warship the Malevolence and its destructive weapon. As General Grievous uses the Malevolence to terrorize medical bases, the Jedi rush to defend Republic space. With help from his Padawan and Master Plo Koon, Anakin leads a bold strike mission into enemy territory.

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