Wat Tambor

Wat Tambor was a male Skakoan who was the foreman of the Techno Union and an executive of Baktoid Armor Workshop. During the Separatist Crisis, he pledged the Techno Union’s resources to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, earning himself a seat on the Separatist Council during the Clone Wars.

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Jamillia was a human female who served as the Queen of Naboo during the final years of the Galactic Republic. She ran for the office of queen as Padmé Amidala’s term ended, but lost to Réillata. Jamillia later served as queen at the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

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Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier (LAATc)

The Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier, known more simply as the LAAT/c, was a vehicle carrier variant of Rothana Heavy Engineering’s Low Altitude Assault Transport series of repulsorlift gunships developed for the Grand Army of the Republic.

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